• What is Fusion Ticket?

    Fusion Ticket is an Open Source Box Office and Ticketing Solution.

    The aim is to create a usable and complete box office solution aimed at charities and small venues that don't have the extreme budget or the need for a full box office solution, whilst maintaining full functionality and large customization and feature set.

  • Who is it for?

    The main aim is for small charities and theater groups.

    For the most part its unrealistic for these small organizations to take the hit of using a professional ticket sales companies, who take a set up fee and commission of each ticket sold. The software is used regularly by all types of people just look at our links page.

    Although there is no restrictions on who can use it, we don't recommend it for really big events (stadium size). 

  • Why should I donate?

    There are 1000's of hours of work and knowledge thrown in so you can use it at our expense.
    And by donating we can spend time on this project like:

    • Supporting members
    • Producing plug-ins
    • Creating EPH's
    • Adding new features
  • How can you help?

    Make a donation of any sum of money, this gets us towards our next release and our goal.

    When you donate at least £30.00, you receive VIP status which entitles you to free beta patches, and a private forum for VIP support. 

    Non-VIP users can purchase the beta patches for £7.99 per patch

  • Can we contribute code?

    If you have good PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript or MySQL knowledge you'll be very welcome to help. Or if you can't program helping other users use the software, as everyone's skills differ.

    Any time spend explaining something is time spent away from bug fixing or feature improvements. And you can spend time helping find bugs and making suggestions to improve usability and functionality.


The final chapter

Written by NielsNL.


Welcome to what is, possibly, the final edition of the Fusion Ticket Newsletter.

You will be aware that for the past year we have struggled to prepare and release a new Version of the software. Unfortunately we are no longer able to spend the necessary time and effort to continue supporting the Product in a way that, we believe, provides an acceptable level for our Users.

For several months now the major workload has fallen on Niels and Mike (mainly Niels) and for health reasons this cannot continue. Niels has been advised by his health consultants to stop FT activities and Mike is now in his eightieth year and is also in poor health. We have been very grateful for the support given on the Forum but were disappointed by the response for 'Testers' to assist with preparing the latest version for release.

So, is there any good news? There is a possibility of transferring Ownership of FT to a third party and, in fact, we have had an interesting offer. One condition we would put on any transfer would be that the Open-Source version should continue to be available to the Community (possibly on GitHub) however we would be unable to provide the support we have to date. If we put the source code on GitHub then it will be the latest available software which will be released as v1.0. It hasn't been exhaustively tested but is now considered to be stable enough for Community use.

So, with regret, we have to tell you that, as the situation stands at the moment, the Sites, will be suspended by shortly after the end of April 2016.

We are aware that some Users have taken up Donor Status in recent weeks. Funds permitting after closure costs have been assessed, we will endeavour to refund VIP donors on a pro-rata basis. Requests for a refund must be made before final accounts are filed (planned for end of April). Any further Donations will be set against closure costs. 

To end on a positive note we are currently seeking, at the request of an interested third party, permission from all copyright owners of Fusion Ticket software to change the licence conditions to dual licensing.  Should permission be forthcoming then, in addition to the Open-source, an alternative license will be available that will permit more commercial distribution without compromising the GPLv3 source code that will continue to be available from a repository.

Thank you for your support.


We're preparing a new release

Written by Michael Taylor.

As 2014 draws to a close you may be wondering what has been happening lately and what new will be coming to Fusion Ticket in 2015. Although it may not have been apparent from the website, development has continued apace and Niels has implemented some new features and made many refinements to the code. These should culminate in a new release early in the New Year. This will follow the usual course of initially being available to Donors and to those who have recently purchased the latest patch. At the same time the publicly available release will be upgraded to the release  (Rc2a) that has been available to Donors since Spring 2014.

The Hosted release will also be updated to reflect the latest updates and potential users of the software are reminded that subscribing to a Hosting Plan is an easy route to having a Ticket Website without the complication of installing the software yourself and ensuring that your Server meets the minimum requirements.

The Forum and IRC continue as sources of active support and members are encouraged to help the less experienced Users who ask questions. 

We always like to have feedback.  Good feedback is of course appreciated, bad feedback is noted and where possible action taken to remedy the cause.

Mobile Apps - We need help!

Written by Michael Taylor.

Do you have an IOS SDK or an Android Development Environment? If so, then we need your help

Many of you will be aware that a begin of this year we released Mobile Apps for IOS and Android phones to enable Users to scan barcodes on tickets at the Point of Entry.

The development of these Apps required development environments and used software languages, that were not available to the Fusion Ticket team and hence the coding was out-sourced.
Unfortunately we did did not get the quality products we had expected, this was very disappointing.

The IOS  App is currently pretty stable but we have been informed by Apple that all future releases or updates will have to use the iOS 8 SDK 

The Android App is, at the moment, unusable and gives a network error on scanning a bar code. We did have working 'test' code but the released code as supplied shows this error. Unfortunately it would also seem that, for unknown reasons, we have been locked out from our Google Development Environment!

We have the source code but not the kit or coding expertise to put it right, so if you have either of these Environments and a little spare time we would be very pleased and  would like to ask for your help in rectifying this situation. We would love to hear from you.

Please get in touch with Niels or Mike.

Thanks.  Your help would be much appreciated.