• What is Fusion Ticket?

    Fusion Ticket is an Open Source Box Office and Ticketing Solution.

    The aim is to create a usable and complete box office solution aimed at charities and small venues that don't have the extreme budget or the need for a full box office solution, whilst maintaining full functionality and large customization and feature set.

  • Who is it for?

    The main aim is for small charities and theater groups.

    For the most part its unrealistic for these small organizations to take the hit of using a professional ticket sales companies, who take a set up fee and commission of each ticket sold. The software is used regularly by all types of people just look at our links page.

    Although there is no restrictions on who can use it, we don't recommend it for really big events (stadium size). 

  • Why should I donate?

    There are 1000's of hours of work and knowledge thrown in so you can use it at our expense.
    And by donating we can spend time on this project like:

    • Supporting members
    • Producing plug-ins
    • Creating EPH's
    • Adding new features
  • How can you help?

    Make a donation of any sum of money, this gets us towards our next release and our goal.

    When you donate at least £30.00, you receive VIP status which entitles you to free beta patches, and a private forum for VIP support. 

    Non-VIP users can purchase the beta patches for £7.99 per patch

  • Can we contribute code?

    If you have good PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript or MySQL knowledge you'll be very welcome to help. Or if you can't program helping other users use the software, as everyone's skills differ.

    Any time spend explaining something is time spent away from bug fixing or feature improvements. And you can spend time helping find bugs and making suggestions to improve usability and functionality.


We're moving forward

Written by NielsNL.

Mobile Apps. and Pre-release Test Scripts

At the end of 2013 we finished the Crowd Funding Campaign and raised the money needed to hire specialist developers to help us build a testing platform and barcode scanner APPs for android and iOS. We are very thankful to everyone below that contributed to our campaign.

We say thanks to the following people:

jmdinardo, ariel33, Paul Swan, andy.g.kennedy, gabriel furchert, Sam Dineley, jtimmons, Guido Hornig, hansq, Christopher Gouveia,Theo Jacobs, Angel O Romero, Christophe Rillaerts, Thasikaran Sivarajah, Thomas Spadaro, chicagoblues, Elout van Leeuwen, Victor Madureri, Alfonso Leal del Ojo, Francisco Dominguez, gloliveevents, Brent Riley, Christopher Tipper, Grant Moxom, Karsten Peters, Ken Haarstad, Gilles Gaudet, Joseph Patrick, Michael Becerra, William Evans, Charles Dawson, Daniel Goldwasser, Radcliffe URC Players, Dan Mullen, Peter Luu, Simon Lyall, Jonathan Gladwill, Adrian Menzl, Gareth, Rene Meeh, Glenn Mayer, Bryn Davies, Simon Bradley, Turquoise Australia, Mitchell Kellett
And everyone else who wished to be anonymous while they contributed.

We now have the funds for the next steps in the Fusion Ticket Life Cycle.

The most important step towards a Production Release is to introduce a degree of independent Quality Control for all releases. This requires a formal testing procedure to ensure that all major functions work correctly and the version is stable. The Test Procedure is being written by an Individual or Organization not connected with the existing Development Team.

It was also evident (from User feedback) that there is a need to improve the Ticket Taking Control. The need to use a 'corded' scanner places unacceptable restrictions when technological advances,  the widespread use of Smart Phones and the availability of 3G can provide much more convenient options. We thus are developing a Mobile Scanner Plugin for the use with future releases.

Both these Requirements require expertise outside the capability of the Fusion Ticket Team.

Progress is good. For the most up to date news, please check the Forum or visit us on our IRC channel.