About Us

How Fusion Ticket was born

The Fusion Ticket Project was initiated in early 2007 by Christopher Jenkins from PHP MyTicket. Originally Fusion Ticket as a distinct entity wasn’t even considered, It was just a bi-product of upgrades made by Chris Jenkins for a charity’s online ticket sales.

From early 2008 the project was formed into Fusion Ticket, dropping the release from phpMyTicket Release Candidate 2 to Fusion Ticket Beta 3 which was a very updated version of RC2.

In spring 2008 Niels v/d Spek joined Chris as developer and worked on the next beta release, by cleaning up the shop and admin section, and fixed many remaining bugs. Together with Lou Fives and Martin Martinez the Beta4 was released in August 2008.

With the joining of Lou Fives we got a nice formatted documentation working. He is also our P.R. person and main tester of Fusion Ticket. In February 2010 Mike Taylor joined the Team to assist with Administration and Marketing and with the formation of Fusion Ticket Solutions Limited which, starting in early 2011, is to provide Fusion Ticket hosting and a range of associated services.

After releasing Beta4 we decided to step to a more MVC kernel and created the Fazant project. In late December it was clear that we needed many man hours before we were ready to release it to the public. We also had many requests for fixes in beta4, so we switched back to working on beta5. This version was more or less a big clean up from all the old kernel files, replacing the old PDF engine, a new POS interface, possibility to set-up the way patrons can login and many more. This was released on 16 October 2009.

The future

Although we’re still working on the old PHP MyTicket code base and will be supporting it for the coming versions. Newer versions are planned to create a cleaner, plug-in orientated versions moving to the earlier planned MVC kernel layout. The next BETA version will have a big clean-up of the kernel and will replace the email engine.