Before installing or upgrading FusionTicket, it is advised to read these instructions. Specially before upgrading it would be a safe thing to try it on a test-site with a copy of your actual database. We can't be held responsible for the lost of any information at any time! Using FusionTicket is at your own risk.


The server must have these programs/settings to run Fusion Ticket:

  • PHP version ⇒5.3.1, tested with 5.3.18. We do NOT support: PHP < 5.2.1 or > 5.4.0
  • MySQL version >5.0 with MySQLi is Mandatory. Tested with version 5.1.35
  • Enable email support in PHP - Check email security settings.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (to view/print PDF files)
  • cURL should be enabled for some features (PayPal,
  • OpenSSL should be enabled for some features ie. https:
  • XML Parser should be enabled (Required for Export/Import)
  • iconv support for non-latin text in PDF templates

Some third party code is already included with the distribution:

Fusion Ticket has been tested on CentOS, Fedora Core, Ubuntu, and Windows with Apache 2.0. Recommended Windows Apache Builds are XAMPP and MoWeS.

If there are any problems with the above requirements, or the web host, contact We can provide hosting which is always up-to-date for security and compatibility. We test our latest updates with the same versions as we host the software on. All we ask is that you donate regularly to the project.

We do not recommend the Beta Versions of Fusion Ticket for Production Use!


Full Installation

FusionTicket doesn't use prefixes in his database table names, which means you will need a clean, empty database to install. It will not install if there are existing tables in the database. We advise to try and play with it before using live!

  1. Create new database using your host control panel or a MySQL client like phpMyAdmin and create an empty FusionTicket database.
  2. Download the latest stable Beta archive Fusion Ticket (6.4 as opensource, or 7.x for donators)
  3. Decompress it somewhere in the web root path of your web server. This produces a directory called Fusionticket, or unzip it on your computer and FTP it to your hostroot. You can rename the basedirectory if you like.
  4. Set the following folders to writable:
    • ../includes/config/* Only during install
    • ../includes/temp/* Must be created by you
    • ../files/* Will contain all Event images
  5. Browse to the home page of FusionTicket or directly to the installation script ../inst/index.php and follow the wizard. Select ‘Full Installation’ to prepare the new database. The database needs to be empty, without any tables.
  6. For safety reasons it's best to remove the ../inst/ and ../includes/installation/ folders from your server after successful installation
  7. Reset the ../includes/config/ folder to Read-only.


Upgrade to a new version

If you have an existing Fusionticket installation, you can upgrade it to the latest version by following this procedure.

Always backup your database, in most updates it will not be backwards compatible! Tables and data will be automatically updated by the new version.
  1. Set the site Offline if possible, using the admin backend configuration. This will prevent guests to order tickets during update
  2. Make a backup (that you checked and tested, just to be sure) of the latest data from the current database. After update, the updated database won't be reversible!
  3. Download the latest archive of Fusion Ticket from our site
  4. Rename the old Fusionticket folder to Fusionticket_old (or whatever you like)
  5. Create a new folder and give it the name of the original folder, mostly /Fusionticket/
  6. Unzip and copy the downloaded files to the new /Fusionticket/ folder.
  7. Set the following folders to writable: (`chmod 0775` should be plenty)
    • ../includes/config/* Only during update
    • ../includes/temp/* Must be created by you
    • ../files/* Will contain all Event images
  8. Copy the contents of the original ../files/ folder to the new ../files/ folder
  9. Check and modify any altered template *.tpl file. Copy it to a new /custom/ template folder like before and compare it with the new default template file . The default notation or coding could be altered when we updated a plugin (like Smarty)!
  10. Copy the original config file init_config.php to the new ../includes/config/ folder. Edit this file and remove following lines, if existing. They are now automatically detected.

As of Beta6, FusionTicket expects you to use a secure (SSL) site for handling the checkout pages. Enable this by adding a new line in the init_config.php file.

In most countries, SSL is required when exchanging user detailed information. Contact your ISP for more information about using SSL. When not applied, people will see an unsecure-connection warning when in checkout modus.

And now, the actual upgrade can start:

  • Browse to the homepage of Fusionticket or directly to the installation script ../inst/index.php. The wizard will detect the old database and configuration file and propose an Upgrade of the data.
  • Follow the Upgrade wizard instructions, select Upgrade if asked.
  • When installed remove the ../inst/ and ../includes/installation/ folder from your server for security reasons
  • Reset the ../includes/config folder to Read-only.

Done! You should be ready to use the new version. Make an overview of the admin configuration settings and re-activate the site again when previously disabled. Enjoy!



Please see the article on Known Problems.


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